HyperOS Launcher APK Download

Now you can use Xiaomi’s new operating system HyperOS to mirror features of any Xiaomi device. The system launcher APK file of Xiaomi HyperOS has been released, which you can install on any Xiaomi Android system and experience the latest smooth UI features of Hyper OS. Which has some features similar to Apple iOS. 

Hyper OS is very much discussed all over the world right now, Xiaomi has now decided that MIUI OS will now be changed and will start giving updates to HyperOS. Its official update will start rolling out to Xiaomi 14 series from October 2023. Now let’s take a look at some features of Hyper OS.

Talking about HyperOS launcher, it is quite similar to MIUI. A lot of changes have been made in its applications like animation, lock screen, notification, wallpaper, calculator, camera, icons, weather. Also its wallpaper has been changed. Its UI design leads towards a premium look. Keeping the security in mind, a new look has been changed in MIUI Security. But if you use HyperOS launcher, you will see changes only in your UI features and not in the entire system.

If you want to use the full features of HyperOS, you will have to wait for the HyperOS 1.0 update. 

HyperOS Launcher Download

NameHyperOS System Launcher
Release Date2024-05-15
File Size23.6 MB
Operating systemAndroid Only
ChangelogBug fixes and performance improvements.
VersionFile SizeLink
V4.39.14.8051-0415182723 MBDownload
V4.39.14.8007-0401100724 MBDownload
V4.39.14.8003-0325160027 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7972-0315175428 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7884-0202100025 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7750-1211190628 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7749-1205151424 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7748-1201104923 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7718-1121222124 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7642-1113222224 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7640-1110201925 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7566-1107174723 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7522-1104191921 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7519-1101184224 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7447-1030164722 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7446-1025214421 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7422-1016220520 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7352-1011180624 MBDownload
V4.39.13.7252-0926155523 MBDownload