POCO Launcher 4.0 Download

POCO Launcher is a fast and lightweight launcher specially designed for Android phones. Gives a new look to any Android smartphone device with high performance and gorgeous design. Which looks similar to the UI of the Xiaomi POCO smartphone. Personalize your device to make it truly unique with home screen wallpapers, themes and animations. The UI design and home screen of POCO Launcher v4.0 is based on Android 13. Which gives a very smooth new experience.

poco launcher 4.0

POCO Launcher 4.0 Features

  • Fixed home setup restart
  • Fixed lag issues on X series
  • Added animation speed
  • Added wallpaper zoom animation
  • Almost 90% of bugs fixed
  • AtoZ MIUI Launcher features have been added to POCO Launcher 4.38.
  • Launcher version updated to 2.37 to 4.38.
  • New POCO Launcher has MIUI Launcher app start and close animations.
  • Icon pack support is remove.
  • Horizontal recent apps menu
  • Didn’t support widgets yet

POCO Launcher v4.0 APK Download

LauncherPOCO Launcher V4
UI DesignPOCO UI Based
File Size38 MB
Operating systemAndroid Only
VersionRegionFile SizeLink
V4.39.14.7583-04171516Global26 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7582-04071549Global25 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7578-01311601Global37 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7576-12281648Global38 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7574-12122041Global38 MBDownload
V4.39.14.7524-11231506Global34 MBDownload
V4.39.7.6281-11272026Global39 MBDownload
V4.39.7.6274-11071434Global25 MBDownload
V4.39.7.6250-09151659Global25 MBDownload